Game name!

Hey guys!

My topic for this post is video games. To be precise, my video game.

I started a video game making company called Micro Arcade.

My first game is one I am working alone on. Its for a school art project.

You are a guy on an island, and your job is to build a city. You need to find ways to make the city more environmentally friendly. You can do that by researching things like a solar panel, windmill, dam, and other things like that.

Its almost Pokémon style. You can go inside the buildings and decorate them, too. You also build houses for your residents.

You also have to make it a good tourist attraction. You can make beach chairs for the beaches.

You name your guy, your pet dog or cat, and your island.

So, thing is, I need a name for the game.

Nettle Exploration

This story begins at my house. I called my friend Coco and we were having a sleepover. Our cat had her second litter of kittens and we wanted to go find them. She was an outside cat, and we live on a farm, so naturally it was going to be hard.
We eventually found them on the side of them shed at the top of the hill. Unfortunately for us, our cat had made her shelter in a patch of nettle, but we didn’t know that until later.

We found a box, grabbed the seven kittens, put them in the box, and took them to the garage.

After that, we noticed we were itchy and getting a rash. For the rest of the night we sat on the couch covered in some kind of goo that would help us not itch.

This was all about two or three days before school started.